Global Field Evangelism: Kenya

About the Mission
Ben Bahati leads a growing team of Kenyan Christians in open air evangelism, church planting and  development, orphan care, and primary education. 

Ben's real story began 20 years ago when he responded to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as it was being preached by Shad Williams in a Kenyan marketplace.  Since then Ben, together with his wife Mary, has founded two orphanages plus a children's boarding and education center.  He actively organizes evangelistic meetings, crusades, follow-up seminars for new believers, and pastor conferences.  He has developed and supported pastors who, in turn, have planted 92 churches throughout western Kenya.  Ben participates in all of Shad Williams' East Africa campaigns.

Vision and Mission
To preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in East Africa; to disciple those who come to believe in a growing network of churches; to meet the spiritual and physical needs of children, particularly orphans, as resources allow.
2009 Goals
1. Preach the Gospel to wider areas in Sub-Saharan Africa.
2. Plant and grow churches for new believers in Christ.
3. Provide more food, shelter, and basic education for the growing number of orphans under our care.

Prayer Requests
1. Pray for the return to full health for Mary, Ben's wife.
2. Pray for the effectiveness of the ministry's recent expansion into The Congo with evangelist Oyelo Ulimwenga.
3. Pray for safe passage as the ministry reacheds to remote areas.
4. Pray that God would direct our expressions of gratitude to him in and through our ministry efforts--that He would give us wisdom.
5. Pray that believers from other geographic communities would come alongside us in ministry, and we with them. 

Ben and Mary Bahati manage the various facets of the ministry.  However, this ministry involves far too many Christians than can be fairly listed here, including many pastors, evangelists, teachers, worship leaders, house parents, musicians, cooks, drivers, and support people.

Christ Presbyterian Sponsor
Lee Backsen

Contact Information
Ben Bahati