Sunday Mornings in Children's Ministries

For more information about Children's Ministries at Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church, please contact Molly Williams, Director of Children's Ministries.

Covenant Garden: Infants through Toddlers

At Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church we seek to support and nurture the Christian family. By providing nursery and childcare, we encourage families to fully participate in worship services and Sunday school. Our loving volunteers and dedicated staff make this ministry possible.

Our Children

Our children are placed with developmentally similar children in one of the following categories:
Infants: From the time the parents and doctors agree to nursery care until the child can sit up and crawl.
Creepers: Creepers crawl, pull up, and are beginning to walk.
Toddlers have mastered walking and are ready for some serious play! They remain in this class until they are promoted the following September to the Two Year Old class.


Promotion: We depend on parents to decide when their infant/creepers are ready to promote. However, the staff may encourage promotion if they notice a child is ready.

Our Staff

Our staff consists of two qualified child care employees in each class who are present every week for the full morning. They make sure the room is properly set up, keep toys and equipment clean, and make sure the room is clean and orderly before they leave. They develop relationships with the children and provide familiar, friendly faces as they nurture them from week to week.

The staff is supported by a team of volunteers. Each team serves one Sunday a month from 8:45–10:15 or 10:15–11:45. 

Our Parents

Parents who use Covenant Garden are strongly encouraged to volunteer in order to return to the ministry the love they and their children receive. It is an excellent tool for “on the job” parent training, and it is also enjoyable to see your child interact with their friends at church.

We are also blessed to be supported by many other church members from all walks of life who have taken seriously their baptismal covenant and have chosen Children’s Ministry as their avenue of fulfillment.


Covenant Garden will be open approximately 15 minutes before the Sunday school hour begins and close approximately 15 minutes after the worship service ends.

Please make sure everything has your name on it (pacifiers, bottles, lids, blankets, sweaters, etc.) We cannot be responsible for unmarked items.

Items needed in the bag: 4 disposable diapers, wipes, change of clothes, bottles (labeled and premixed)
Nursing mothers should supply at least 4 oz. of your milk in a bottle to be used in case it is needed between feedings. Nursing mothers should check on their child between services.

If your child is a toddler and is potty training, you will need to provide a change of clothes, 2 extra pairs of underwear or disposable pull-ups, and socks.

First Time Visitors

If you are visiting Covenant Garden for the first time, please fill out a first time visitor card at the registration desk and fill out two name tags with your child's name, one for them to wear and one for you. To pick up your child, you must have a parent name tag with a matching name to your child.

After the first visit, parents can pick up their and their child's name tags from the registration desk and proceed to the appropriate classroom. Sign your child in at his/her room, always giving your destination and special instructions for the day.


We believe children are never too young to begin learning about God. A special curriculum designed for our youngest church members is used. The child care employees and volunteers are provided with classroom materials for informal instruction that revolves around a monthly theme, through songs and finger plays to share with the children. 

The program also focuses on building strong parent-church relationships and on assisting parents in guiding their child’s spiritual development at home. This is done through a monthly newsletter which will, among other things, include information about the Bible stories and songs their child is learning .

Mother’s Lounge

For your convenience, we have provided a comfortable, private room for moms to feed their babies, change diapers, and visit with other moms. Taking care of your babies’ needs here will help keep the classroom quieter and cleaner.

First Experience

For many children Covenant Garden will be their first exposure to care away from Mom and Dad. It is also the building block of their associations with Jesus and His church. It is our sincere desire that these moments will be positive, safe, and secure.  As we strive for excellence, we welcome suggestions for improvement as we participate in this mission together. Please direct your concerns to Molly Williams, Director of Children’s Ministry.

Kid’s Kingdom: Age 2 through Kindergarten


Kid’s Kingdom will open approximately 15 minutes before the Sunday school hour begins and close approximately 15 minutes after the worship service ends. Kid's Kingdom is staffed by volunteers who participate in Sunday school and Children’s Worship with your children.

First Time Visitors

If you are visiting Kid's Kingdom for the first time,please fill out a first time visitor card at the registration desk and make two name tags with your child's name. One for the parent and one for the child. The volunteer at the desk will direct you to the appropriate classroom. To pick up your child, the name tags must match.

After the first visit, parents can pick up their name tags on the registration desk and proceed to the appropriate classroom.

Sunday Schedule

9:00 am: Sunday School
10:00 – 10:30: Music & activities in center area
10:30 – 10:50: Outside time (weather permitting)
11:00: Children’s Worship

Preschool children, those who were two years old before September 1 through those enrolled in Kindergarten, enjoy Sunday school with their Sunday school teachers, using The Gospel Project curriculum.

The preschool children enjoy their own developmentally-appropriate style of Children's Worship during the adult worship service using The Gospel Project worship curriculum. Parents are welcome to take their children from Sunday school to attend worship with them. Children's Worship starts after the children are dismissed at the offering.

Promisetown: 1st through 5th grades


If you are visiting Promisetown for the first time, please fill out a first time visitor card at the registration desk and pick up a Guest Name Tag from the appropriate desk.

At the end of Sunday School, parents must come to the classroom to pick up their first and second graders. Third, fourth, and fifth graders are self released at 10:00 so parents are encouraged to give their children an agreed upon meeting place.

Sunday Schedule

9:00 am: Sunday School
10:30 am: Worship Service with parents

Elementary Children begin their morning in their age-appropriate Sunday school classes and enjoy interacting with their adult teaching teams. We use The Gospel Project curriculum which is a Christ-centered three-year large group/small group curriculum that show how Christ fits into the entire gospel story, pre-creation to eternity.

First through fifth graders attend the worship service with their parents and are encouraged to participate in the service. First through third graders are dismissed at the Offertory to participate in Children’s Worship where our Children’s Worship Teams will present God’s truths in a way kids can understand. Fourth and fifth graders are encouraged to enjoy the Children’s Bulletin provided for their use during the sermon.