May 2011 Update

Eugine, Flush Toilets, and Jesus: a Story of Hope

by Gordon Walz

Eugine Matofari (pictured left) was four years old when he moved to the Tumaini Orphanage. Like too many children in Sub-Saharan Africa, he began life in a one room shack made of rusted corrugated tin and other scraps. His family all slept on mats covering a dirt floor. They had no running water, and the nearby trench latrine was shared by many people.

Eugine’s father died in a road accident, and his mother was trying her best to keep Eugine and his siblings alive by herself. One day thieves came into their home and Eugine witnessed them kill his mother for the meager possessions she had.

About the same time Christ Evangelical Presbyterian was arranging the final touches on the Tumaini (Swahili for “hope”) Orphanage in Soy, Kenya. Early in April 2010 Eugine and thirty-three other orphans were moved into their new home at Tumaini. Unlike their former homes, all the children now lived in a secure environment, slept in beds with sheets and blankets, had clean water for drinking and bathing, ate three wholesome meals a day, used sanitary restrooms with flush toilets, attended school, played with children their own age, and, most importantly, learned about God and Jesus Christ.

It was a gift from the same God to Christ Presbyterian that enabled the orphanage to be built and lives to be changed forever to His glory. It is the same King of the Universe who led individual members of Christ Presbyterian to provide $1200 annual ($100 per month) sponsorships for each child at the orphanage and to develop relationships through emails with the children they sponsor.

And it is this same Creator from whom we seek guidance for the growth of His orphanage.

Because of a number of factors – increased gifts and earnings on those gifts, an increase in the exchange rate between U.S. dollars and Kenyan shillings, and a hedge against future increases in the cost of building materials – the Tumaini Orphanage Committee, after much prayer, believes that now is the time to add one and possibly two more cottages at the orphanage. As with the first three cottages, each cottage will have bedroom and bathroom facilities for twelve children and one man and wife as house parents. Construction of the new facilities should be completed by the end of 2011, weather permitting.

If you sense the Lord leading you to invest in a young life on the far side of the world, please contact any of the following for details about how you can do that: Gordon Walz, Robert Finch, Chip Mealy, Tom Harrison, John Moore, Dave DeBruler, Bob Roane, or John Crimmins.

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