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CEPC Children

We love children at CEPC! Our goal is for children to feel warmly welcomed, to hear the Good News of Jesus and to make new friends every time they are at CEPC. We want our nurseries and classes to be safe and caring places where even our littlest ones begin to sense the love of Jesus through our teachers and caregivers.

Questions? Contact Children's Ministry Director Helen Holbrook.

A Note about Children with Special Needs
At CEPC we realize that all children are unique. Even within a family, children have different personalities and needs. We want to make sure the Bible stories are taught well. At the same time we know that there are children who hear and process information differently. It would help us, the children’s ministry staff and SS teachers, to know from you how your child can best be loved, blended into our church family, and taught from God’s Word. Thank you for helping us bring the heart of the Gospel to the heart of your children!

Covenant Garden Nurseries

There are 3 rooms in Covenant Garden:
Located behind the first stairway

  • Babies: Chirping Chicks
  • Crawlers: Bouncing Bunnies
  • Toddlers: Shiny Fish

Providing a caring place

Each room is staffed by two qualified childcare ladies who remain with our children for the entire morning. Many of the ladies are long-time employees who have developed relationships with our children and families and provide familiar, friendly faces as they nurture them from week to week. A private lounge just for mothers is located across from the babies’ room for nursing mothers.

Providing a healthy place

Individual cubbies hold diaper bags and bottles/sippy cups. The caregivers clean all of the toys and make sure that a toy does not pass from one child to another before it is washed. If a child shows signs of sickness, the parents receive a text message.

Providing a safe place

Names of children are posted in the classroom with the cell number of the parents. Parents check all children in at one of the four Kidcheck stations and put the security nametag on each child. The nametag includes information on parents’ numbers and allergies. CEPC employs a guard on Sundays and for many other events. Safety team members oversee all entrances and hallways.

Providing a Christian place

Toddlers have a mini-Sunday School lesson. The nursery director reads a Bible story and prays with these children. As they grow and develop the time is extended with talking and a craft sheet. Children remain in the toddler room until September and after their second birthday.

Covenant Garden is open fifteen minutes before Sunday School. Parents, not siblings, are asked to pick up their children within a reasonable time after the conclusion of the worship service. Security tags are collected as children are returned to their parents.


Kids' Kingdom: 2s—Kindergarten

Children are placed in rooms based on September 1 birthday.
Located behind the second stairway

  • 2s: Little Lambs
  • 3s: Little Lions
  • Pre-K: Singing Monkeys
  • Kindergarten: Leaping Frogs

Morning schedule

9:00am Sunday School
10:00am Music and activities in the assembly area
10:30am Playground time, weather permitting
11:00am Children’s Church and playtime

Providing a safe place

Each of the four preschool rooms is staffed by one or two caregivers. Classes are taught by church members. All adults have completed a background check. Parents pick their children up from the assembly area.

Providing a Christian place

The twos and threes have a Bible lesson each Sunday morning during the SS hour. The story is retold and follow-up activities with a surprise basket and “finish the story board” are provided during the 10:30 worship service. These two classes meet together during children’s church.

The prek and K children are full of questions about the Lord. A Bible lesson and learning activities help the children grow in their knowledge and love of Christ. The children begin the morning in their class for the Bible story, a teacher led discussion and follow up questions. A craft is provided that serves as a visual reminder of the Bible story. There is a scripture memory program of ABC verses that the children learn during the school year. Children’s church, through Bible story activities, helps children cement God’s truth in their hearts.


Promisetown: 1st—5th Grades

There are four classes; fourth and fifth grades are combined.
Located at the top of the second stairway

Morning Schedule

9:00am All grade assembly for singing, followed by Sunday School classes
10:00am Children wait for their parents downstairs at the tables
10:30am Children attend the worship service with their parents
11:00am Children’s Church, first – fifth graders are invited to attend. Leaders meet the children in the hallway on Main Street.
11:45am Children meet their parents downstairs at the tables

Providing a safe place

Church members volunteer to teach. Children are under adult supervision at all times. Children are required to be with a friend or parent at all times.


Christian Education for Children

The Children’s Ministries uses “Show Me Jesus” Sunday School curriculum published by Great Commission Publications. This is a graded Bible curriculum that teaches children and trains teachers to know and understand the great story of God’s redeeming work though His Son Jesus Christ. Each year children hear stories from the Old and the New Testaments. Children are concrete learners, so Bible stories are part of every lesson. Bible instruction, singing, prayer, scripture memory work, follow up activities and discussions are a part of every Sunday School class time at every age and grade level.


Sunday School

First and second graders are beginning to ask for direction in how to put their faith into action. They are beginning to care about the world and how to share their faith with friends. An exciting and creative time of large group welcome, singing and prayer begins the SS hour. Break out classes by grades follow for small group learning and Bible instruction. A teacher led discussion and a prayer time are both part of every class.

Third – fifth grades are realizing that they need guidance in many areas of living. They want to know how to honor the Lord in their relationships. They want to read the Bible on their own and have a more developed prayer life. Bible lessons include teacher led instruction in how to study a passage and find answers. These small group times help the children develop relationships with peers and with teachers. An atmosphere of trust is gives these children opportunities to ask questions about how to live out the Christian life.


Children's Church for Promisetown

Children in first – fifth grades are invited to attend Children’s Church. They are dismissed from the worship service before the sermon. A rotating teaching team presents a Bible teaching time that includes a story, prayer and activities. At the end of Children’s Church the children are taken downstairs to wait for parent pick up. During that time they learn and recite memory work of Bible verses or catechisms.

A Note to Parents
We count it a high privilege and serious responsibility to care for and teach your children. Jesus welcomed the little children and charged us to do likewise! We want to shine the light of His love into the hearts of your children through all that we do and say when your children are under our care.


ABC Memory Verses

Children, kindergarten – 5th grade, are learning ABC verses this year. Check off charts are in the rooms, lists have been given out, and recitation has begun! Download a list of all the verses here: ABC Memory Verses.

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