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Flood Relief

[Updated Thursday, September 14, 2017, at 12:13 pm.]

Our Partnership with Samaritan's Purse


CEPC is housing and hosting 100 or so Samaritan's Purse volunteers for the next several months. Here is info you can pass on to local and out of town folks wanting to volunteer.

The local Samaritan's Purse phone number is 713-851-5493.

All out of town volunteers who need a place to stay will need to go through the Samaritan's Purse network at


Sign Up to Help Online

Friends, in addition to the ways we list below, you can sign up to help directly here: CEPC Flood Relief Sign Up Genius



For all flood relief communication, please use the email address or call our dedicated Flood Help phone number: 713-858-6914.

We will post updates here on this page, as well as on Facebook & Twitter.


Flood Response Form

Please use this form: CEPC Internal Flood Response Form if:

  • You are in need of help with clean up, or repair to your home.
  • You know of another CEPC member who needs help.
  • You are interested in volunteer efforts in the flood recovery.
  • You are able to host CEPC members in your home.


Give Financially

We are planning and preparing to serve Houston – not just for today or this weekend but for many months to come, so we have started a fund to be 100% used on Harvey Relief in Houston. Give online and select the "Flood Help" fund here: CEPC Harvey Relief in Houston

Please direct all of your out of town family, friends and churches who want to know where to make their financial donations to this fund so that we can quickly and easily use it to do all that we need to help CEPC and our neighbors recover.


Supplies Needed

We will need supplies to help clean and repair homes – not just for today or this weekend but for many months to come, so we have made a list of suggested supplies CEPC will accept as donations:

  • channel lock pliers
  • snow shovels/scoops (everything is wet so little shovels are not helpful)
  • wheelbarrows/dollies
  • industrial garbage bags (inserts to make them stand unassisted)
  • work gloves
  • wonderbars (flat crowbars)
  • sheetrock knives
  • chalk line is handy for marking sheet rock level to cut. (2ft above highest watermark)
  • scrapers (thin blade) for removing tile
  • mold-removal (Concrobium not bleach)
  • generators
  • wet-dry vacs
  • fans
  • packing boxes and tape for packing up dry items to be stored during renovations
  • rubber cleaning gloves
  • ear protection
  • eye protection
  • allergen/fume/mold masks
  • knee pads